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When to Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts

When to Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts

You want your home and everything in it to be safe, secure and well-maintained.

The air you and everyone else breathes indoors can sometimes get as polluted as the outside air. Allergens, dust and other particles can get filtered into the home unwittingly through your home’s air duct system. This can cause coughing, sneezing and other respiratory difficulties.

Air ducts sometimes harbor mold growth which can also lead to a musty smell throughout the home. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about this. Clean your air ducts with the help of a professional service.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

Professionals suggest that you do this once every three to five years. If your home does not seem to be suffering from the problems that dirty air vents can cause, you can let the cleaning go longer. You do not need to be concerned about cleaning them as long as the air inside is comfortable to breathe and there are no musty smells emanating from the ducts.

Any home will eventually become affected by dirty ducts. This is just an ordinary occurrence which results from airborne particles collecting inside them. The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States offers more information about when to clean them.



Signs it is Time to Clean the Air Ducts

According to the EPA, it is time to get a professional cleaning done if you suspect there is mold growing in the ducts. The first signs of this are the distinct smell of mold throughout the home or near the HVAC vents or registers. Do not be afraid to look in the ducts to inspect them if you can.

If you see dust blowing out of the registers, book a cleaning immediately. This would happen when you turn the HVAC on and run your heat or air. It is an unmistakable sign that a cleaning is overdue.

Do you notice more bugs, vermin or insect swarms in the house? Have you spotted them coming or going from the ductwork? This is another major sign that it is time to book a cleaning.

Ducts that are insulated can accumulate mold and other debris if the insulation becomes wet. This is another instance where you must book a professional duct cleaning immediately. Also note that while the EPA recommends regular servicing of the ducts, they do not suggest that leaving them in the condition you find them will definitely cause those living in the house to become ill.

There is some evidence that breathing in air that has been pumped through vents or ducts that have mold, debris or allergens lining them contributes to uncomfortable symptoms of sneezing or coughing. Your best option is to consult a professional company to visit your home and clean the ductwork as soon as you can.

Have you recently moved to a new home? If so, you should have the air ducts taken care of. You should also consider cleaning them after you have had any remodeling done on the home. Dust can easily get kicked up and into the registers and ducts while construction is being done on the home.


How Ducts Are Cleaned

First, choose a reputable company to do the work. Be wary of any very low pricing offers for one-time service. These are sometimes scams or come-ons. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars or more. Compare prices from several companies in your area and choose the one by price as well as reputation. A simple check of their online reviews or testimonials will be helpful.

If you can get a referral to a company through a neighbor or a friend, this is even better. The cleaning is done using truck-mounted outside vacuums. This process will take a few hours. But be patient because the end result is worth it. These commercial vacuums get every bit of dust, dirt, debris and mold out of every air duct leaving your home with noticeably cleaner air the moment you run the air or the heat.

If you notice your air ducts are giving off musty smells or blowing dust, it is time to call in the experts. Your home will be left clean, healthy and the air will be much easier to breathe.

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