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Why Clean The Air ducts In Your HVAC System? 5 Good Reasons

Why Clean The Air ducts In Your HVAC System? 5 Good Reasons

Why Clean The Air ducts In You HVAC System?

Air duct cleaning is a maintenance practice that should be done every once in a while. How soon, fast, and hard this should be done is a matter subject to debate. However, it is agreed that the cleaning should be done depending on the indoor and outdoor conditions.

If you leave in a very dusty area, then cleaning will be more frequent than if you stay in a place that is less dusty. By why is air duct cleaning so important? Below are the top five reasons that signify the importance of this HVAC system maintenance practice.



1. Air Duct Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Lightweight pollutants, allergens, and contaminants floating around in the air and will find their way past the air vents and some settle in the ductwork. The air filters in the HVAC are designed to sieve out these tiny particles that also include dust from making their way into the house.

However, the filters often fall short in their prescribed duties of sieving and improve the quality of air pumped indoors. By cleaning the ductwork, the work that the air filters have to do reduces and this increase the chances of getting clean particulate-free air due to the removes of the different tiny debris that are within the ducts.


2. It Promotes Indoor Health

Most HVAC systems are designed to flow air for the outdoors into the house, to clean and circulate indoor air, as well as to pump indoor air outside. Given such functions, the HVACs are bound to handle various things that are in the air beside the allergens and dust. Other elements such as tobacco smoke, kitchen fumes, and radon among other indoor pollutants that when in a humid environment pose significant health risks.

If these things collect in the air ducts, the create the ideal conditions for mold, bacteria, and fungi, or even viruses to thrive and the air filter cannot sieve these and thus can be pumped and circulated throughout the room or building. As such, cleaning the ductwork plays a significant role in promoting indoor health.


3. The Cleaning Helps Maintain Indoor Comfort

The cleaning removes the different things that may clog the air filter causing the HVAC system to work harder than it should. It also improves the flow of air thus increasing air flow therein the effectiveness of the HVAC system. The subsequent result of this is an increase in the indoor comforts when it comes to air conditioning, heating, and cooling the room and house.


4. Air Duct Cleaning Boosts The System’s Longevity

Any struggles in the functions of a heating and cooling system cause it to work harder than it should, to deliver the required indoor air and temperature conditions. Failure to have these issues checked and addressed increases the rate of wear and tear, which reduces its durability.

Different HVAC installation, repair and maintenance technicians attest to the importance of a thorough ductwork cleaning when it comes to having a heating and air conditioning system that works effortlessly and for an extended period will little or no repairs required. Clean ducts reduce the stress load to the system while boosting its longevity.

Air Conditioning Costs


5. It Reduces Heating And Air Conditioning Costs

When the ducts are unclogged and free of dust and debris, the flow of air is better, and thus the system does not struggle to deliver heated or cooled air in and around the home or office. The cleaning also plays a role in the reduction of the amount of energy the heating and air conditioning system consumes.

In short, the cleaning of air ducts boosts the performance of the HVAC and this translated to reducing costs of running the air conditioning since the system is not struggling to deliver clean air and the desired room temperature.

The above are top five reasons that signify the importance of cleaning your air ducts and why it should be part of your routine HVAC system repair and maintenance. The cleaning and other maintenance practices should be done by reliable and experienced heating and air conditioning system installation and maintenance specialist. Remember to looking into issues such as the level of experience, licensure, knowledge of current trends of HVAC systems, and the costs.

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